Łukasz Obuchowicz

Founding partner at Kogito Ventures. Previously M&A Advisor at investments banks - Haitong Bank, Espirito Santo Investment Bank and CAG.

Wojtek Niesyto

Founding partner at Kogito Ventures. Previously Equity Portfolio Manager at pension funds - Nordea Life & Pensions and Aviva.


Kogito Ventures is an early-stage fund operating in a venture-on-demand model. We build syndicates with Angel Investors and often co-invest with other Venture Capital funds. Ticket size ranges from PLN 0.5m to PLN 2m, and we can follow-on with up to PLN 4m per company in total. We can participate in rounds starting from Seed to Series A+.


From July 2018, Kogito Ventures participates in the Biznest programme run by Polish Development Fund and has been allocated funding of PLN 30m, which will be matched with another PLN 30m coming from co-investing Business Angels.


We treat #foundersfirst very seriously and we can really fight for their rights. We hate unfair and tricky wording of the investment agreements and think in terms of the whole pie, not just our cut. We try to be helpful and never meddle.


Working for the founders, we support our startups in becoming successful companies by offering business development, strategic and analytical support and help in finding talent. Because Kogito Ventures co-invests with successful Business Angels, we can also provide entrepreneurial know-how, experience and valuable network.


“Kogito” is a bit Slavic version of Latin “cogito”

Venture on demand

Kogito Ventures acts as a leading or backing investor in deals syndicated with Business Angels and other VCs. We invest our private funds in each transaction, which aligns the interests with co-investing Angels.


Our network of Angel Investors have access to our deal-flow and can outsource the analytical, legal and transaction processes related to investing in early-stage companies.


Thanks to participation in the PFR Biznest programme, our co-investing Business Angels can also leverage their returns and build a broader, more diversified portfolio.

Our Focus

If you need financing for an early-stage project that:

  • is a solution servicing the e-commerce industry or
  • is disrupting the way financial system operates or
  • is a SaaS with international potential or
  • utilises DLT / Blockchain technology or
  • builds a software solution within the Eco-mobility megatrend,

please get in touch. We would love to hear your story!


We like to see high aspirations, tech talent and good traction, defined as the ability to quickly move forward, adapt and get things done – not necessarily as revenue.


We do not invest in:

  • companies with „broken” captables
  • incomplete teams
  • hardware
  • projects on paper only
  • projects where founders have no „skin in the game”
  • teams that have no previous history of working together
  • projects that don’t have 100% attention of the founders
Team members' individual investments